The Field

The Field is a wonderful place to relax and meditate, but it is also the time to strap it up and get into sniper mode. At Cherokee Run, we love to spend time in the field...scouting, feeding, planting, setting stands, and so much more. We take pride in the hunt by doing everything that a hunter would do but pull the will do that!

We hunt deer, boar, and turkey in the wild...strictly fair chase. Hunts take place from a variety of permanent stands. We try to provide every hunter with a stand that meets your need based on age, weapon, skill level, and health issues. It is our goal to make sure you are safe and comfortable. Stands consist of enclosed box stands, tower stands, metal ladder stands, tripods, and ground blinds. You will notice that many stands have been draped in military netting from the US better camo for concealment and hunting. The box stand pictured with netting is called the "Sniper" stand. Every stand is stand has a specific name at Cherokee Run. With Cherokee Indian ancestry and much time spent on the Reservation, Tom has given many stands have a Native American may hunt Crazy Horse, Sitting Bull Geronimo, Tomahawk, or Arrowhead. Some stands have a story behind them such as...Jurassic Park, Josey Wales, Crazy Ivan, and Too Tall Jones.

Stands are strategically placed over baited areas, food plots, and/or transition areas. Bucket and tripod feeders are used to consistently provide game with corn. We will also use mineral supplements to encourage good health and deer antler growth...evident by the size and quality of racks we harvest. Food plots are planted at different times of the year. In the fall, we have a seed "cocktail" with rye, clover, field peas, chickory, rape, wheat, oats, and turnips. The cocktail changes in flavor as needed. Some of the pics show food plots and development. The most important element in good stand location is trails, scrapes, rubs, hogwallows, and so on.

Your day will consist of a morning and evening hunt. We will hunt from daylight till late morning and mid afternoon to dark. Hunting is all about time in the woods, so if you are welcome to hunt ALL day if you desire. We will check on those hunters at lunchtime. You will be given all the Field Rules in the orientation when you check in at the lodge. Game will be retrieved and transported to the lodge. We do NOT field dress any animals. You may use our skinning facility if you wish to do it yourself. The skinning/quartering fee is $45 per animal. There is a walk-in cooler to keep the game until the end of the hunt.